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Ian C. Pilarczyk's Picks

The following exhibit is a sample of McGill Memorabilia collected and donated to the McGill University Archives by a very active Alumnus of the Faculty of Law, Ian C. Pilarczyk, B.A. ’92, L.L. M. ’97, D.C.L ’03. This collection serves as an illustration of McGill's history from the unique perspective of an independent collector.

Pilarczyk serves as a Regional Director of the McGill Alumni Association and is President of the McGill Young Alumni of Boston. The theses he has written at McGill are as follows:

  • Justice in the premises: family and violence and the law in Montreal, 1825-1850, © 2003.
  • The law of servants and the servants of the law: judicial regulation of labour relations in Montreal, 1830-1845, © 1997.

He has also published A noble roster: one hundred and fifty years of law at McGill, © 1999.




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