Development Office


The Development Office, originally designated the Fund Office, was set up in 1975 with a mandate from the Board of Governors "to coordinate all fund raising from the private sector and seek increased support". Thus, the Office has general supervision over diverse giving programmes including the Alma Mater Fund, the Parents Fund, and the McGill Associates Fund. Before 1975, most fund raising was conducted through the Graduates' Society and its Executive Directors, particularly Lorne Gales. Accordingly, those records of the Directors of the Graduate Society devoted to funds' raising form an integral series in the records of the Graduates' Society, R.G.76. In addition to these records, there are several series of records documenting particular compaigns such as the Special Five Million Dollar Fund of 1943. These will be found under Records of Financial Campaigns in R.G. 82: Project and Occasional Offices. Finally, the John W. Ross Papers (M.G. 4068) contain records on fund raising, 1911-1921.

No records have yet been assigned to this record group.