Training in educational methods at McGill began in 1857 with the establishment of the McGill Normal School. McGill University's Principal John William Dawson was primarily responsible for setting up the Normal School and he served as its first Principal. The Normal School trained teachers of all Protestant denominations. A Committee of the University Corporation was responsible for the school's administration. The Normal School administered two model schools in the English Protestant system at its quarters at 32 Belmont Street, Montreal. There were three courses of study, resulting in Elementary, Model, or Academy Diplomas. In 1895 a Kindergarten Diploma was added to the curriculum. In 1907 the Normal School was joined to the agricultural and home economics college established by Sir William Macdonald at Ste. Anne de Bellevue and was renamed the School for Teachers. At the same time a Department of Education was set up in the Faculty of Arts and Science at the downtown campus. In 1955 the School for Teachers and the Department of Education combined to become the Institute of Education within the Faculty of Arts and Science. The McGill School of Physical Education, founded in 1912, was joined to the Institute of Education in 1957. In 1965 the Institute was reconstituted as the Faculty of Education. In 1970 the Faculty of Education absorbed St. Joseph's Teachers College and moved to a new building on McTavish Street, Montreal.



1857-1870 John William Dawson

1870-1884 William H. Hicks

1884-1907 Sampson P. Robins

Corporation Committee of the Normal School, 1870-1907

Minute Books, 1870-1907, 4 vols, 15 cm (c.1-c.2, c.7)

The Corporation Committee made or ratified various decisions for the Normal School, such as staff appointments, fees, curriculum and financial accounts. Some business of the McGill Model School is also recorded (c.1-c.2). There are also agendas and correspondence relating to meetings, 1898-1901 (c.7). The minutes are indexed for 1899-1907. Listed.

Principal of the Normal School, 1857-1903

Memoranda Book of Principal J.W. Dawson, 1857-1874, 2 cm (c.4)

This book contains a memorandum on the Colonial Church and School Society's Anglican School whose functions were absorbed by McGill Normal School as well as notes on students, mainly those proposed for honours; annual reports; notes of decisions taken; and general information on examinations. Correspondence concerning the administration of the Normal School can also be found with the records of Principal William Dawson (R.G. 2). There is also a memoranda book and correspondence on the Normal School in Dawson's private papers, M.G. 1022.

Incoming Correspondence of Principal S.P. Robins, ca 1885-1903, 3 cm (c.9, c.7)

The majority of the letters are from McGill Principal Dawson on various aspects of Normal School affairs, including government grants, operating expenses, staff selection student affairs, and various regulations. Much of the correspondence relates to meetings of the Normal School Committee.The arrangement is still unsystematic; a handwritten listing summarizing each letter is available.

Secretary of the Normal School, 1888-1908

Incoming Correspondence of Secretaries J.W. Brakenridge and J.A. Nicholson, 1888-1907, 30 cm (c.7)

This consists of vouchers, bills, and receipts from suppliers, booksellers, and staff members, ca 1888-1898; correspondence relating to meetings of the Normal School Committee, 1899-1900; correspondence from Principal Robins and from the Qu<bec Superintendent of Public Instruction, on such subjects as teacher employment, c.1897-1907; auditors' reports; and a few letters to Principal Robins are also interfiled. Generally arranged alphabetically by correspondent or organization. Listed.

Letterbooks of Secretaries J.W. Brakenridge and J.A. Nicholson, 1880-1908, 3 vols, 15 cm (c.3, c.10)

These letterbooks contain copies of letters to Principal Robins, to the Quebec Superintendent of Public Instruction, and to various suppliers. Indexed and listed.

Financial Records, 1857-1907

Account Books, 1857-1907, 6 cm (c.3, c.4, c.10)

These include a Cash Book, 1885-1907 (c.3) giving information on salary payments; a general account book, 1857-1867, and various financial statements, ca 1898-1901 (c.4).

Bills and Receipts, 1864-1865, 5 mm (c.11)

Bills and receipts for school repairs.

Student Records, 1857-1949

Register of Examination Results, 1899-1925, 1 vol, 2.5 cm (c.54) RESTRICTED

The register records the names, course titles, and marks received by students in the Normal School and after 1907 in the School for Teachers, Macdonald College. A cumulative mark point total and class rank is also kept. They are arranged chronologically.

Registers of Students, 1857-1897, 1899-1949, 20 cm (c.1-c.6, c.55) RESTRICTED

There are several registers covering different periods recording variously admissions, lodgings, diplomas granted, and examinations. The registers usually records the student's name, date of admission, age, residence or birthplace, lodging place, religion, and remarks. A register for 1899-1949 (c.55) contains records of Normal School students until 1907 after which it lists students at the School for Teachers, Macdonald College. There is also a minute book of Examiners' meetings, 1874-1896 (c.2) which has some pass and fail lists.Partly Listed.

Publications, 1873-1907

Announcements, 1873-1907, 7 cm (c.1)

Besides the announcements in the University Calendars, there are two volumes of announcements giving curriculum and names of graduates divided according to category of diploma awarded. The announcement for 1906-1907 includes a cumulative list of graduates. There is also a published final report, 1907, giving the closing exercises of the last session of the Normal School.


Deans/Directors of the School for Teachers

1907-1909 George H. Locke

1909-1913 S.B. Sinclair

1913-1948 Sinclair Laird

1949-1958 D.C. Munroe

1964 C. Wayne Hall, Acting

Faculty of the School/Teachers' Training Committee, 1907-1965

Administrative Records, 1907-1965, 70 cm (c.10, c.56-c.57)

These consist of minutes, correspondence, and reports of staff meetings of the School for Teachers, 1909-1955 (c.57) and minutes, 1907-1965, and a letterbook, 1907-1911, of the Teachers' Training Committee (c.56, c.10).

Office of the Dean, 1907-1948

Correspondence of Dean George H. Locke, 1907-1908, 50 cm (c.7-c.8)

Incoming letters and copies of outgoing letters between the Dean and Principal Peterson of McGill, Principal J.W. Robertson of Macdonald College and provincial school officials Arranged alphabetically in several small series.

Correspondence of Dean Sinclair Laird, ca 1920-1948, 13 m (c.8, c.11-c.53 especially c.47-c.52)

Incoming letters and copies of outgoing letters. There is a considerable correspondence, ca 1923-1938, with the Secretaries and Superintendents of the Protestant Board of School Commissioners, in particular H.J. Silver and D.C. Logan (c.8) There are also correspondence and reports of Sinclair Laird as secretary of the Strathcona Trust, dealing with cadet corps activities. Part is arranged chronologically (c.8), part is unlisted and in no order.

Student Records, 1899-1962

Examination Results, 1925-1962 1 reel, (See Microfilm Inventory) RESTRICTED

These provide examination results for the School.

Student Register, 1899-1945, 1 vol, 5 cm (c.55) RESTRICTED

This is a register, continued from the Normal School, recording students' names, age, residence, lodging, religion and remarks, up to 1949.



1935-1953 John Hughes

1954 David C. Munroe

1955-1957 Charence E. Smith

Records of the Chairman

Some records of the Chairman from the early 1950s are among the records of the Director of the Institute of Education.



1955-1958 D.C. Munroe

1955-1957 Charence E. Smith, Deputy

Records of Director, David Munroe; and of Secretary, Wayne Hall, ca 1950-ca 1960, approx. 7 m (c.11-c.53) PARTS RESTRICTED

These records were created in the Institute of Education and the earlier Department of Education. They include correspondence, curriculum materials, schedules, student lists, speeches, and evaluation reports on student teachers. (box 14). The material is not listed and is not in order.

Student Records, 1962-1971, 1 reel, (See Microform Inventory) RESTRICTED

Examination results.

Examinations, 1965, 1 cm (c.9)

Unworked examination questions for the Institute of Education Summer School.


The School was established in 1912, and was united to the Institute (later Faculty) of Education in 1957.

Minutes of Meetings, 1912-1939, 30 cm (c.61-c.65; see also R.G. 6: c.11)

Besides minutes of the School of Physical Education, 1912-1932 (c.1), there are minutes of various committees and student groups (c.2-c.5). Listed.

Administrative Records, 1920-1926, 2 cm (c.9)

There are a few letters, reports and charts concerning the reorganization of the Department of Education.

Administrative Records, ca 1930-1948, 35 cm (c.65-c.67)

These include correspondence with federal government departments and others and speeches of A.S. Lamb.



1965-1975 C. Wayne Hall

1975-1984 George E. Flower

1984- David C. Smith

[Please note: the term of David C. Smith as Dean of the Faculty of Education began in 1983 and ended in 1991. It did not begin in 1984 as stated above. George E. Flower's term as Dean ended in 1983 and not in 1984.]

Administrative Records, 1970-1971, 1 cm (c.9)

There are files on the Communications Committee and Opening Committee for the new building.

Student Records, ca 1960-1970, 3.5 m (c.68-c.74) RESTRICTED

These include mark sheets arranged by years and courses, and admission and student files.

Examinations, 1966, 1.5 cm (c.9)

Unworked examination papers for the Summer School.


Administrative and Editing Records, 1965-1973, 75 cm (c.58-c.60)

Correspondence, a file on the establishment of the Journal by the first editor, Margaret Gillett, and corrected galleys for several issues.

McGill Journal of Education, 1966-, 36 cm (Printed Collection)

This contains articles on educational theory, history, and practice and related subjects by authors from McGill and elsewhere.


A Century of Teacher Education, 1957, 1 cm (Printed Collection)

Addresses delivered during the centenary of the Normal School.

Bulletin of the Institute of Education, 1959-1965, 10 cm (Printed Collection)

This monthly publication contains Institute news and articles of educational interest usually by faculty members.