Diploma courses in engineering were originally offered in 1859 in the Faculty of Arts. In 1871 the Department of Practical and Applied Science in the Faculty of Arts began degree programmes in Civil Engineering and Surveying, Mining Engineering and Assaying, and Practical Chemistry. The Faculty of Applied Science was created in 1878. Changes in administrative functions led to the creation of the Faculty of Engineering in 1931. The development of the Faculty has been traced by Paul Tourigny in "Histoire Comparée de la Faculté de Génie de l'Université McGill et de l'Ecole Polytechnique, Les Années 1920-1940" (Université de Montréal, unpublished thesis, 1980).


1878-1908 Henry Taylor Bovey

1908-1922 Frank Dawson Adams

1923-1924 Henry Martyn McKay, Acting Dean

1924-1930 Henry Martyn McKay

1931-1941 Ernest Brown

1942-1951 John Johnston O'Neil

1952-1957 Robert Edwards Jamieson

1957-1968 Donald Louis Mordell

1968-1974 George Lee d'Ombrain

1974 Thomas H. Barton, Acting Dean

1975-1984 Gerald W. Farnell

1984 Pierre Bélanger


Faculty Records, 1907-1975

Minutes of the Faculty, 1907-1952, 1974-1975, 50 cm (c.1-c.4, c.6)

Minutes of the Faculty are indexed by name and subject from 1907 until September 1949. There is no index for the post 1949 period. Minutes before 1907 were probably destroyed in the 1907 Macdonald Engineering Building fire.

Annual Reports, 1896, 1961-1968, 5 cm (c.5, c.15, c.40)

These reports were submitted to the Principal and/or Corporation.

Records of the Office of the Dean, 1907-1984

Administrative Records, 1907-1977, 6 m (c.5-c.31, c.179, c.182-c.184, c.192, c.198, c.200) PARTS RESTRICTED

The office of the Dean has generated general records containing internal and external correspondence, reports of schools, departments, institutions and faculty, student curriculum, laboratory reports, scholarships statistics and salaries. Also included are reports, correspondence of various committees and with the departments and schools of the Faculty and external bodies ca 1966-ca 1976, Tenure Cohort, 1977-1984, scholarships, and budget working papers. There is a long series of correspondence and reports concerning the admission of women to the Faculty and in particular the School of Architecture (c.14).

National Committee of Deans, 1969-1981, 30 cm (c.185)

Minutes, correspondence and salary survey, 1977-1979.

Records of Former Staff, pre 1980, 80 cm (c.180-c.182) RESTRICTED

These records contain correspondence and other materials concerning staff re-appointments and promotions.

Macdonald Engineering Building, 1907-1909

Macdonald Engineering Building, 1907-1909, 15 cm

(c.32, c.241)

Articles of Agreement, reports, correspondence and brochures concerning the construction of the new Macdonald Engineering Building. There also is a volume containing details of accounts regarding the demolition and reconstruction of the Macdonald Building and extensions to the Workman Building.

Macdonald Chemistry Building, 1898


Correspondence, 1898, 44 pages

Correspondence relating to the official opening of the Macdonald Chemistry building.


Department of Civil Engineering, 1894, 1931-1941

Testing Laboratory Reports, 1894, 1931-1941, 8 cm (c.33)

Testing Laboratory Reports prepared by the Superintendent of the Testing Laboratory and the Professor of Civil Engineering; arranged alphabetically by companies' names, 1931-1933, and in numerical order, 1934-1941.

Department of Electrical Engineering, 1939-1977

Administration, 1957-1977, 17 m (c.27-c.36, c.38-c.48, c.186-c.191, c.208-c.213, c.219-c.232) RESTRICTED

The chairman of the department created general administrative records which contain correspondence, financial papers and reports.

The Anechoic Testing Laboratory, 1958, 5 cm (c.14)

Historical file on establishment of the acoustic free field


Committees, 1937, 2 cm (c.14)

University Development Committee and Sub-Committee on Buildings and Equipment reports.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, 1902-1911

Letterbooks, 1902-1911, 4 vols, 20 cm (c.32, c.241)

Letterbooks of professors H.M. Jaquays and R.J. Durley, containing letters concerning students, academic matters, alterations to the Engineering Building and other matters. Indexed.

Department of Mining and Metallurgical, 1870-1970

History, 1970, 3 cm (c.14)

Files and lists of faculty and staff from 1870-1970.

School of Architecture, 1904-1974

Administrative Records, 1904-1974, 25 cm (c.15, c.33, c.168) PARTS RESTRICTED

There are two principal series of correspondence: the Royal Institute of British Architects, 1928-1971 and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, 1956-1974 (c.163); and the Director of the School and the Dean of Engineering, 1945-1967 (c.15). There are also examination questionnaires, 1937-1947, draft announcements of the School and teaching aids.

STUDENT RECORDS, ca 1950-1978

Student Graduate Records, ca 1940's-1973, 1975-1976, 23.7 m (c.50-c.128) RESTRICTED

Student graduate records contain correspondence, transcripts, and marks of each student. Records are alphabetically arranged within chronological blocks, based upon each student's year of graduation.

Student Records, Withdrawals, 1967-1973, 1975-1978, 9.9 m (c.129-c.161) RESTRICTED

Student records of those who withdrew from the programme before completion contain correspondence, transcripts, marks. Records are alphabetically arranged within chronological blocks, based upon the year the student withdrew.

Student Records, Graduates and Withdrawals, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1978, 1979, 9 m (c.170-c.178, c.192-c.197, c.201-c.207, c.233-c.240) RESTRICTED

These records contain correspondence, transcripts and marks and are arranged alphabetically.

Student Transcripts, 1956-1957, 1964-1971, 1.5 m (c.214-c.218) RESTRICTED

Cards recording student marks.


Examinations, 1899-1902, 1922-1952, 40 cm (c.12, 14)

Unworked examination papers.