Macdonald College


Macdonald College opened in the Fall of 1907. Planned and funded by Sir William Macdonald, the College's chief purpose was to train rural leaders and improve agricultural education. The College consisted of the School (later Faculty) of Agriculture, the School of Household Science and the School for Teachers - the latter taking over the functions of the McGill Normal School. Each school had its own head or Dean. The College had its own Principal until 1926; after a gap this position was changed by 1935 to Vice-Principal of Macdonald College. With minor exceptions, the Principals and Vice-Principals of Macdonald have simultaneously held the post of Dean of Agriculture. From 1926 until 1935, there was no Principal only a Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture.

This record group contains the administrative records of Macdonald College and of the School/Faculty of Agriculture and School of Household Science. The records of the School for Teachers are contained in Record Group 30: Faculty of Education. Training in education moved to the downtown McGill campus in 1970. Most departments at Macdonald College are part of the Faculty of Agriculture, although there is also a School of Food Science and Departments of Extension. Since the 1970s the College has shared some of its buildings and grounds with John Abbott College. The series described below contain a fairly full administrative record of the College since 1907 and, as well, information on curriculum, student life, and the College's role in the agricultural community of Quebec. A history of the College from 1904 to 1955 was published by J.F. Snell: Macdonald College of McGill University (Montreal 1963)


1907-1910 James W. Robertson

1910-1911 Francis C. Harrison, Acting

1911-1926 Francis C. Harrison


1935-1955 W. Harold Brittain

1955-1972 Henry G. Dion

1972-1977 A. Clark Blackwood

1977- Lewis E. Lloyd


1916-1926 Francis C. Harrison

1926-1933 G.S.H. Barton

1933-1934 John F. Snell, Acting

1934-1955 W. Harold Brittain

1955-1971 Henry G. Dion

1971-1972 Harold R. Klinck, Acting

1972-1977 A. Clark Blackwood

1977- Lewis E. Lloyd

MINUTE BOOKS, 1907-1959

Minute Books of the School/Faculty of Agriculture, 1907-1959, 60 cm (c.72-c.74, c.80)

The minutes record academic policies, calendars, and schedules, curriculum changes, budgetary matters, course changes for various students, and communications with external groups and benefactors. Separate from this body are the minutes of Agriculture staff meetings, 1909-1954 (c.80). There are also minutes of various committees including the Executive Committee, 1926-1935 (c.73), the Macdonald College Committee, 1907-1921 (c.72) and the Degree Course Committee, 1935-1944 (c.74, c.80) The Degree Course minutes contain some cases and examination results of named students, to which access is restricted. Listed.


Records of the Vice-Principal (until 1926, Principal), 1904-1979, approx. 30 m (c.1-c.25, c.26-c.66, c.191-c.196, c.241-c.269) PARTS RESTRICTED

The bulk of the records before 1955 contain the correspondence of the Principal/Vice-Principal with university, government, other organizations and school board officials on a variety of matters including curricula, the physical plant and bursaries. Included throughout are personnel files. The records for 1955-1975 are organized into 16 subject headings including Administration, Physical Plant, Committees, Faculties and Research. There are also various reports and correspondence, ca 1960-1975, relating to the move of the Faculty of Education downtown and to the future and needs of Macdonald College. (c.67-c.69) The records for 1904-1955 are arranged alphabetically in three chronological blocks (c.1-c.25), while those for 1955-1975 are arranged alphabetically in two-year blocks (c.26-c.66). The records are listed by file title. Access to personnel records is restricted.

Records of the Registrar, 1907-ca 1960, (c.82-c.85, c.87) PARTS RESTRICTED

The records of the Registrar's Office include personnel records (c.82-c.83, c.64); student lists and statistics, 1907-1923 (c.84-c.85); and projects of various kinds submitted to the Registrar (c.86-c.87).

Records of the Dean of Students, 1967-1969, 14 cm (c.269) RESTRICTED

These are general administrative files and contain material on student disturbances.

Staff Records, 1942-1972, 60 cm (c.197-c.198) RESTRICTED

These files contain material on appointments and terminations.

War Memorial Records, 1946-1954, 20 cm (c.234)

These include the records of the fund-raising campaign, of the establishment of lectureship and files on some of the lectures including the text.

DEPARTMENTS, 1913-1964

Department of Handicrafts, 1943-1964, 2.5 m (c.233, c.235-c.240) PARTS RESTRICTED

These departmental files include correspondence, administrative and financial records, student records and general information files.

Department of Horticulture, 1913-1962, 10 m (c.199-c.231) PARTS RESTRICTED

The records documenting the activities of this department include correspondence, annual reports, financial records, staff labour relations files, records of professional associations and plant trial reports. Listed.


Student Files, 1907-1978, 28 m (c.88-c.165, c.172-c.179) RESTRICTED

These records consist of individual files containing transcripts of the student's academic record, correspondence, and occasionally newsclippings or correspondence about the student after graduation. For the B.Sc. in Agriculture, the files cover the years 1907-1978 and are arranged alphabetically in chronological blocks: 1907-1958 (c.88-c.119), 1959-1975; 1976; 1978 (c.180-c.182) For the Diploma in Agriculture, the files cover ca 1907-1975 and are arranged alphabetically in two chronological blocks: ca 1907-1958 (c.120-c.124) and 1959-1974 (c.125-c.165, c.175-c.177). Household Science student records, 1947-1959, are arranged alphabetically (c.178-c.179).

Student Registers, 1907-1936, 1930-1958, 11 reels, (See Microform Inventory) RESTRICTED

These records of Agriculture and Household Science students consist of microfilm copies of 15 volumes of student record registers.


Examination Results, 1917-1922, 70 cm (c.166-c.167) RESTRICTED

Examination results in the School of Agriculture, recording course, name and grade.

Examinations, 1928-1972, 4 m (c.36, c.75-c.78, c.81, c.167-c.170)

These unworked examinations papers (many bound in volumes) cover Agriculture from 1928-1972 (c.167-c.169, c.75-c.78,c.81). The School of Household (later Food) Science is documented from 1936 to 1971 (c.170, c.36, c.81)


Scrapbooks, 1907-1953, 40 cm (c.79-c.80, c.171)

The scrapbooks contain timetables, announcements, circular and form letters, programmes of graduations and other events, bulletins and press clippings, arranged chronologically.

Historical Files, 1902-ca 1960 (c.183)

Information files on Macdonald staff members, and various aspects of the College's history as well as publications about Macdonald. Most were assembled by J.F. Snell, whose notes for his history of Macdonald College are found in the Snell Papers, M.G. 2007. There is also a "History of the Agronomy Department, 1906-1961" by L.C. Raymond.


Agricultural Institute of Canada, Macdonald College Branch, 1961-1970, 21 cm (c.81)

There is one volume of minutes of this organization involving Macdonald Staff members.


Announcements of Macdonald College, 1907-1972, 50 cm (Printed Collection)

These include descriptions of courses and academic regulations and calendars for the Faculty of Agriculture, School of Household Science, and School for Teachers.

Programmes and Pamphlets, ca 1920-1970, 30 cm (Printed Collection)

These programmes and pamphlets document various campus events.

Macdonald Journal, 1958-1980, 35 cm (Printed Collection)

Articles on the College and agricultural matters.