Continuing Education


The University offered various public lectures as early as 1856. A few extension courses appear in the University Calendars after 1912. In the 1920s and 1930s, extension courses, usually given in the evenings, came under the general authority of a Corporation Committee on Extension. By 1926, enrolment reached about 600. Some courses were offered in other cities such as Quebec. In ca 1929, Col. Wilfrid Bovey became Director of a Department of Extra-mural Relations which coordinated some of the extension courses. A few courses carried credit towards professional certifications but most did not. In 1935 Senate gave the Extension Committee jurisdiction over all extra-mural and adult educational activity. Bovey administered this department of Univesity Extension, which gave lectures on its own and in cooperation with other organizations such as the Mechanics' Institute. At Bovey's retirement in 1948, extension activities were reorganized to focus on coordinated programmes leading to professional qualifications, such as the diploma of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and non-credit programmes or series of lectures in academic or cultural subjects. In 1949, H.R.C. Avison was appointed to direct extension activities at Macdonald College while F.S. Howes, Professor of Electrical Engineering, directed Extension at the main campus. Enrolment rose from 3,000 in 1949 to 8,566 in 1961, the latter number exceeding the total enrolled in regular programmes. In 1969 Senate replaced the Extension Department with the Centre for Continuing Education with six main divisions: Accountancy, Management, Education, Engineering, Languages and a variety of General Courses. All but the General Courses formed programmes which carried credit and lead to professional certificates or diplomas. Since 1973, there has been a programme for the M.B.A. degree. The Extension department at Macdonald College offers a variety of activities and programmes, mainly for the farming community. This record group contains records of the various bodies and officials concerned with adult, extra-mural, and part-time education. For the private papers of Wilfrid Bovey, see M.G. 1023.


1929-1948 Wilfrid Bovey, Director of Extra-Mural Relations & Director of Extension Courses

1949-1959 Frederick Howes, Chairman, Extension Courses

1959-1967 H.R.C. Avison, Director, University Extension

1967-1972 Edward C. Webster, Director, Department of Extension

1973- Alistair Duff, Director, Centre for Continuing Education


Administrative Records of W. Bovey, 1929-1948, 1.2 m (c.6-c.10)

Correspondence, memoranda and notes mainly about extension courses. Included is correspondence with the federal and provincial government and other universities as well as several files on conferences and associations such as the Belgo-Canadian Association (1940s). There are also memoranda and minutes reflecting Bovey's service on various university committees. An index is available.

Administrative Records of Frederick Howes, ca 1947-1960, 2.2 m (c.3-c.5, c.22)

These records contain primarily lists of early extension courses, announcements and memoranda on course content, a few lectures and course outlines, lists of students, and correspondence about specific courses such as Translation, Pharmaceutical Science, Commerce, and Business Management. Listed.

Administrative Records of H.R.C. Avison, ca 1944-1960, 80 cm (c.30-c.32)

These records consist almost entirely of correspondence, minutes, reports and publicity relating to Camp Laquemac, a bilingual adult education training centre administered jointly by MacDonald College and Université Laval and supported by the Provincial government. Listed.

Annual Reports of University Extension, 1940-1951, 2 cm (c.1)

These copies of reports to the Principal list courses given, names of lecturers, total enrolment and describe programmes and activities undertaken during the year.

Salary Records, 1959-1965, 30 cm (c.2) RESTRICTED

Payroll lists and supporting papers, arranged by academic year.


Registration Cards, 1947-1956, 4 m (c.11-c.21) RESTRICTED

The cards give the student's name, address, course and fee paid. They relate to various courses offered in the Extension programme. They record registration, but not academic credit and do not indicate grade received or whether the student completed the course. Arranged alphabetically by session. Listed.

Accountancy Courses Registration Cards, 1946-1964, 1.5 m (c.23-29) RESTRICTED

The cards give the student's name, course title, and fee paid. They do not give grades or indicate whether the course was completed. Arranged alphabetically by year. Listed.

Accountancy Summer School, 1955-1956, 1 cm (c.1) RESTRICTED

Application forms and fee receipts for the first and second Accountancy Summer School. Listed.


Examination Questions, ca 1961-1965, 30 cm (c.1, c.21)

Examination question papers for various courses arranged alphabetically by subject and session.


Leaflets, Programmes, Announcements, 1934-1964, 3 cm (Printed Collection)

In addition to announcements in the administrative files of the Directors, there are leaflets, programmes, and announcements about a variety of extension courses. Unlisted.