Sports were played at McGill on an informal basis and through clubs from about the middle of the nineteenth century. Beginning ca 1884 and continuing until 1909, a committee on Physical Education composed of three staff members directed the athletics programme. From 1909 to 1923, the committee was controlled by members of the student body. In 1923 an Athletic Board was set up with representation from the staff, students and graduates to supervise the entire athletic programme. Rugby, hockey, football, basketball and other sports have been played on both an intramural and inter-university level. McGill athletics have also gone on to participate in the Olympics and in professional sports, particularly hockey. There are many articles on sports history and sports news at McGill in the McGill News (indexed) and in the student annual Old McGill.


Minute Books of the McGill University Athletics Association, 1884-1896, 1904-1930, 5 vols, 13 cm (c.11)

Minute Books of the McGill University Athletic Board, 1905-1964, 8 vols 30 cm (c.11-c.13, c.15-c.16)

The minute books are variously titled and contain minutes of the Athletic Committee of Corporation, and related committees.

Administration Records, ca 1940-ca 1950, 3 cm (c.17)

These include reports on athletics, athletic scholarships and loans.

Historical Files and Scrapbook, 1864-1945, 30 cm (c.8-c.10)

These include a scrapbook on the history of sports and sports personalities at McGill and in Montreal, ca 1864-1909 (c.10), and notes, clippings and articles on various sports in Canada including football, basketball and hockey.

Publications, 1923-1983, 30 cm (Printed Collection)

These include football programmes 1923-1970, 1981-1982 and Annual Reports of the Department 1977-1983.

Films, ca 1930-1970 (See Film Inventory)

Large number of films, mainly of football games between McGill and other Canadian Universities, especially Queen's, Western, Toronto, and Loyola from 1926 to 1970.