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McGill Queen`s University Press


McGill University Press was established in l960. Initially the publishing was to have been done in London, England; however, this scheme was abandoned although an office was maintained there. In l968 an amalgamation of McGill University Press and Queen's University Press resulted in the establishment of the McGill-Queen's University Press. There are two editorial offices, one at McGill and one at Queen's.


General Administrative Correspondence, 1967-1972, 1 m (c.1-c.3)

Administrative correspondence, questionnaires with publishing houses and records outlining Press policy.

Financial Records, 1960-1979, 65 cm (c.4,c.5)

Financial statements, working papers, reports from the Editorial Advisory Committee and royalties files.


Completed Projects, n.d. 5.4 m (c.6-c.24)

Arranged alphabeticly by author of publication, these records contain correspondence with authors, accounts, manuscripts and document press policy for each published work.

Promotional Materials, 1970-1980, 4 m (c.25-c.37)

There are three sub-series, each arranged alphabetically by author of publication. Files contain correspondence with journals and presses dealing with promotion of publications.

Correspondence, 1961-1970, 1.8 m (c.38-c.43)

There are two series of correspondence with authors. Each series is arranged alphabetically by author.

Journal Reviews, n.d., 2.4 m (c.44-c.51)

Correspondence and reviews of Press publications. Arrangement is alphabetical order by the name of agency review.

Published Works, 1962-1973, 5.4 m (c.52-c.70)

Published works of the Press. One copy of each publication is kept as an archival copy.