Public Relations Office


Set up in 1964 (as the Information Office), the Public Relations Office advises administrators as to the University's communications with the community and writes bulletins, interviews, and reports to the public and news media. Before 1964 various public relations functions had been performed by the Principal's Office and by the Graduates' Society. Public Relations issues the McGill Reporter which covers campus events on a regular basis.

In 1970 the Information Office was reduced in size and placed within the Graduates' Society. Andrew Allen, then Director of Alumni Relations became the part-time Director of the Information Office. In 1971 Allen became full-time Director and the Information Office and its activities were resumed to their full extent. The name was charged to Office of Public Relations in 1978.


1964-1970 Albert Tunis

1971-1980 Andrew Allen

1980-1985 Elizabeth Hirst


Administrative Records, ca 1954-ca 1980, 6 m (c.1-c.2, c.5-c.6, c.62-c.76, c.98-c.99)

These consist primarily of correspondence with persons and bodies both within and outside the University about McGill events, honorary degrees and activities of staff members. In addition, there are some records which relate to the production of the McGill Reporter, to public relations consultants, and to campus events in the 1960's and 1970's. There are other series including the use of French at McGill, ca 1970s (c.61), the Learned Society Meeting, 1972 (c.70-c.75) and the 150th Anniversary of McGill, 1971 (c.76). Partially listed.

Subject and Information Files, ca 1960-ca 1980, 3.5 m (c.1-c.2, c.5-c.7, c.56-c.57, c.60-c.61, c.77-c.78, c.94, c.99)

Files have been kept on individual staff members and various campus events for use in preparing communiques and articles. Much of this material is interfiled with the administrative records. Partially listed.


University Scrapbooks, 1855-1968, 18 vols, 5 m (c.8-c.42, c.59)

These scrapbooks contain newsclippings and, in the early volumes, some programmes, which provide reports of and about University activities, in particular convocations, staff and student activities. The scrapbooks were originally kept by the Registrar. They are indexed.

Newsclippings, ca 1967-, 11 m (c.43-c.54, c.57-c.58, c.79-c.93, c.95-c.98)

The newsclippings are a continuation of the Scrapbooks containing articles on University activities. They are unmounted, but arranged roughly in chronological files.


The McGill Reporter, ca 1969-, 5 cm

Published weekly during the academic year, the Reporter contains official announcements of the Univeristy's administration, articles on staff activities and research, as well as a comprehensive weekly schedule of campus events, such as public lectures.

Other Publications, ca 1970-

The Information Office has issued various publications on a regular or occasional basis. All provide news about staff activity or campus events. Among the titles are: Communique McGill, McGill en bref, McGill Mosaic, McGill University Bulletin, The Compiler, McGill University Reports.

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1970-1980

Photographs, ca 1970-1980 (See Photograph Inventory)

Photographs, many of which were printed in the McGill Reporter have been included in the Photograph Inventory.