A separate office of Registrar was created in 1902 with the appointment of J.A. Nicholson, who served until 1929. Previously the office of Registrar was combined with that of Secretary and Bursar, and the correspondence of Registrars before 1902 will be found in R.G. 4 interfiled with the Secretary-Bursar's. Integral material dating from before 1902 which can be readily identified with the functions of the Registrar - such as Matriculation Registers - has been assigned here under Registrar. Proceedings arising from annual Convocations, where degrees are awarded, also come under the management of the Registrar's office.


Minutes, 1886-1968

Minute Books, 1868-1968, 2 m (c.1, c.4-c.5, c.158-c.163)

Official versions of the minutes of various committees with responsibility for schools and matriculation examinations, and student affairs, on which the Registrar or Assistant Registrar served often as secretary include:

Examiners for Schools, 1868-1926, 4 vols (vol 4 indexed),(c.1)

Matriculation Board, 1899-1939, 1959-1968 (c.4-c.5, c.158-C.163)

Examiners for McGill College, 1898-1902, 1 vol (c.1)

Students' Functions, 1904-1908, 1 vol (c.1)

Student Morals and Discipline, 1907, 1 vol (c.1)

Academic Board, 1898-1919, 1 vol (c.1)

Military Instruction (Minutes and Correspondence), 1918-1943,2 vols and 3 files (c.1)

Student Health and Physical Education, 1946-1951, 1 vol (c.1)

Correspondence, 1890-ca 1945

Incoming Correspondence, ca 1890-ca 1945 (gaps), 12 m (c.60-c.102, c.410)

The greater part of the correspondence covers routine administrative matters, particularly applications and enquiries from students. It includes copies of replies after ca 1920. The arrangement is alphabetical, in the following rough chronological blocks: 1890-1898, 1903-1904, 1906-1922, 1930s, 1940s.

Outgoing Letterbooks, 1900-1920, 1.5 m (c.464-c.466, c.416-c.421)

Some copies of the Registrar's letters, mainly to students and suppliers have been retained. In addition to the main series, there are letterbooks of the following: correspondence to students (c.416, c.420-c.421); correspondence with students and others on Associate of Arts degree and matriculation, 1897-1902, (c.417-c.419).

Administrative Files, 1873-1972

General Subject Files, ca 1930-1960, 7 m (c.40-c.59, c.111-c.112, c.410)

These records document various activities in which the Registrar participated and include registration figures, 1930-1948, degree statistics, 1928-1941 (c.45-c.47); files on scholarships, ca 1930-1950; War Service, 1940-1943; minutes of various committees on which the Registrar served, including Extension Committee, 1935-1961, Scholarship Committee 1935-1945; minutes of the Canadian Society for the Protection of Science and Learning, 1935-1945 and other organizations. There are also records relating to the administration of matriculation examinations and exams at McGill, ca 1890-1940 (c.53) and scholarships 1851-1948 (c.57-c.59) and local arrangements for the meeting of the Association of Universities of the British Commonwealth in Montreal in 1959 (c.43). These records are in several series, usually arranged alphabetically and are partially listed.

Examinations, ca 1873-1972, 1.5 m (c.38-c.39, c.105, c.109, c.416-c.417, c.420-c.421) PARTS RESTRICTED

An incomplete series consisting of specimens of examinations in various courses, and some student answers to examination questions, as well as administrative details. They are partially listed. Full, printed sets of examinations were published separately and also in the Calendars.

Examination Timetables, 1930-1938, 4 cm (c.23)

These lists, arranged by subject, give the date of the examination and other particulars.

Convocation Records, 1846-1982

Minute Books of Convocation, 1846-1942, 4 vols, 50 cm (c.411-c.414)

These volumes provide the official record of events at the University Convocations and record the election of Fellows, announcements of prizes, valedictory and other addresses (in summary or in full) and names of students receiving awards. The volume for 1846-1889 contains at the front a loyalty attestation for staff, ca 1842. Listed.

Convocation Files, ca 1900-1970, 3 m (c.38-c.39, c.41-c.45, c.55, c.103, c.410, c.415) PARTS RESTRICTED

These contain correspondence, memoranda relating to the preparations for annual convocations and such matters as selection of recipients of honorary degrees. They often include copies of addresses and citations given at Convocation by University officials and recipients of honorary degrees as well as programmes and tickets of admission. Interfiled with these are records relating to special convocations, the installation of Principals (c.38-c.39) and the openings of certain buildings. There are several series of convocation files, arranged chronologically and subdivided by subject and they are partially listed.

Convocation Programmes, 1867-1982 (gaps), 20 cm (Printed Collection)

The printed programmes give the order of events, names of degree recipients and other details of the ceremonies.


Non-academic Records, 1833-1951

Registers of Graduates, 1833-1951, 3 vols 20 cm (c.37, c.114- c.116) RESTRICTED

These registers consist of a Register of Degrees, 1833-1902 recording name, degree, and date, and until 1859, birth date, birthplace and religion (c.114) and two registers of graduates' signatures under pledges to maintain the good name of the University, 1900-1945 (c.115-c.116). There is also an index of graduates in alphabetical order, ca 1870 (c.37). Listed.

Registers of Matriculation, 1833-1921, 4 vols, 20 cm (c.113, c.117-c.119) RESTRICTED

These registers record the date of matriculation, student's name, date and place of birth, religion, home and Montreal address, sessions attended, degree awarded and sometimes, parent's name, or in the case of medical students, a recommending physician. Also, there is a register of registration for special courses, ca 1906-1912 (c.20). The registers are divided into blocks for Medicine, Law, Arts, Donalda/Royal Victoria College, Applied Science and Partial Students. Within these divisions, the arrangement is chronological.

Other Registers, 1899-1911, 2 vols, 6 cm (c.20-c.21)

Registration register for 1905-1911, (c.20) and index to students listing name, address and faculty 1899-1900, (c.21)

Student Registration Forms, 1973-1983, 93 reels (See Microform Inventory) RESTRICTED

Arranged alphabetically by student name with personal data; permanent and home, addresses, name of person to contact in case of emergency, sex, mother tongue, principal language used, and citizenship; and academic data; courses taken, faculty, degree sought, academic load, subject and option.

Admission Summary Sheets, 1963-1968, 3 m (c.442-c.450)

Break down of admission statistics to various degree programmes. Listed.

Academic Records, 1843-1960

Registers of Lecturers in the Faculty of Arts, 1843-1852, 1868-1903, 2 vols, 10 cm (c.22, c.409) RESTRICTED

These registers record students' names, courses, lectures, absences and judgements. A system of symbols and abbreviations were used which are explained in a note before the 1868 entries. Listed.

Registers of Examination Results, 1864-1920, 15 vols, 1 m (c.24-c.28, c.500-c.508) RESTRICTED

These registers record students' names, subjects taken and marks. They cover undergraduates in Arts, partial students, and the Donalda course for women students. They also contain the results of scholarships and exhibitions 1889-1908 (c.24-c.25). There are volumes for each of the four years of the undergraduate curriculum; within these the arrangement is chronological. Listed.

Student Mark Reports, 1973-1983, 67 reels (See Microform Inventory) RESTRICTED

Arranged by course number then by student name with mark.

Student Transcripts, 1908-1922, ca 1920-ca 1960, 1964-1965, 37 m, 90 reels (c.120-c.408, c.451, c.468-c.470) (See Microform Inventory) RESTRICTED

The transcripts combine the functions previously filled by the Registers of Matriculation and the Registers of Examinations results. They contain information compiled at registration, including student's name, parent's name, home address, Montreal address, religion and previous education. They also give the subjects taken and grades received. The arrangement is by a system of additional transcript numbers, which is roughly chronological. There is a main series ca 1920-ca 1960 which has been microfilmed. There is also a series for Applied Science, 1908-1922 and one for Engineering, 1964-1965.

Entrance Examinations and Student Records prior to entrance at McGill University, 1868-1959

University School Examinations Records, 1874-1902, 9 vols, 30 cm (c.19, c.29-c.36) RESTRICTED

These record books give student's name, courses, and marks received. The arrangement is by year, subdivided by school. Associate of Arts examinations, 1896-1902 are included (c.19). Listed.

Registers of Matriculation Examination Results, 1868-1959, 13 vols, 40 cm (c.6-c.18) RESTRICTED

These registers record student's name, subjects taken, and grades received. The arrangement is by year, with exams usually in June and September, subdivided by school or location. After ca 1933, junior and senior matriculation records were kept separately. Listed.

Matriculation Cards, ca 1905-ca 1930, 3.5 m (c.471-c.498) RESTRICTED

These cards give the subject and mark for the McGill matriculation examinations. They are arranged alphabetically by student.

Register of Student Marks in Affiliated Colleges, 1898-1901, 4 cm


This register includes examination marks of students enrolled in Morrin College, St. Francis College, Stanstead Wesleyan College and Vancouver College. The names of the students, courses taken and the final marks are recorded. The register is arranged by the name of the affiliated college within chronological blocks.


Administrative Records, 1971-1975, 1.5 m (c.437-c.444)

Correspondence with instructors and fee lists.

Student Records, 1971-1975, 8.2 m (c.423-c.437, c.452-c.463) RESTRICTED

Files including correspondence and marks.

Student Registration Forms, 1976-1982, 26 reels (See Microform Inventory) RESTRICTED

Arranged by name of student with address, academic status and courses taken.

Student Mark Reports, 1975-1978, 2 reels (See Microform Inventory) RESTRICTED

Arranged by course number, then by student name with mark.


Calendars of McGill University, 1854-1855, 1857-1858, 1861-1982, 6 m (Printed Collection)

The calendars are issued for each academic year. With minor variations, they provide the following details: names of officials and teaching staff, calendar of academic events, general information about the University, lists of scholarships and prizes, requirements for degrees, course descriptions, names of currently enrolled students, winners of prizes and a general index. Until ca 1910, examinations were published and bound with the Calendars or issued separately. The announcement of the various faculties were published separately and bound in the Calendars as well. Calendars for 1856-1860 will be found in the Rare Books Department of the McLennan Library.

Individual Announcements, ca 1900-1982

Various announcements of faculties and departments, and of summer

sessions are published separately. Some appear in the Calendar as well.

Directories of Students, ca 1860-1982, 60 cm (Printed Collection)

From ca 1860 to 1940, the names, academic years, and local addresses of current students were listed in the University Calendars. Since ca 1943 they have been issued separately. The Directories for 1975-1976 and later are restricted.

Medals, ca 1860-date

A representative collection of medals presented to students documents honours in various disciplines.