Student Services


These records are artificially brought together in this group because they often were created within a common framework. Various bodies have provided student services in the areas of recruitment to McGill, athletics, financial aid, counselling, residence, and job placement. The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for the coordination of all student services, which consist of the following units: Athletics, Chaplaincy Service, Counselling Service, Student Health Service, Off-Campus Housing, Placement (superseded by the Canada Manpower Centre), Student Aid/Foreign Student Advisor's Office and Tutorial Service


This office, which reports to the Vice-Principal (Planning and Academic Services) was formerly called the College and Schools Liason Office. It provides information about McGill and its academic programmes to potential students.

Administrative Records 1968-1969, 1972-1974, 35 cm (c.31, c.39)

These records were created by Steven Penton and J.F. Stewart in their capacities as Liason Officers and contain correspondence, publicity, lists of schools visited and other material relating to recruitment of students.


The Student Aid Office is primarily concerned with financial aid (loans and bursaries) for students. Clifford Knowles, the Director of Student Aid from 1963 to 1970 also held the positions of Student Counsellor from 1946 to 1971 and University Chaplain from 1947 to 1962; his correspondence, described below and under the heading of the Placement Office reflects all three areas of activity.

Administrative Records, ca 1946-1970 1.5m (c.1, c.5-c.10) PARTS RESTRICTED.

Most of these records were created by Clifford Knowles as Director of Student Aid. They contain correspondence and files on such subjects as Rooms Registry, Veterans' Advisory Council which arise from Knowles' service as Student Counsellor and as University Chaplain. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically by sender. Listed. Access to nominative information is restricted.

Records of Loans, Bursaries, and Scholarships, 1937-1968, 2 m (c.1, c.32-c.35, c.38) PARTS RESTRICTED

One series of correspondence, financial statements and memoranda relates to loans generally named in honour of an individual; the other series relates to named scholarships and bursaries. There is correspondence concerning the McConnell, Wilson and Duggan Scholarships, 1937-1963.

PLACEMENT OFFICE, ca 1946-1960

For the period ca 1946-ca 1955 the records of Student Counsellor Clifford Knowles contain correspondence on the placement of McGill graduates. This office has been replaced now by the Canada Manpower representatives on campus.

Records of Student Counsellor, Rev. Clifford Knowles, ca 1946-1955, 1 m (c.2-c.4) RESTRICTED

These records deal with the placement of McGill graduates in employment or graduate school and much of it relates to the Department of Veterans Affairs and its assistance to students. The arrangement is alphabetical according to the name of the student.

Director of Placement, ca 1955-1965, 4.5 m (c.2-c.4, c.11-c.30, c.40) PARTS RESTRICTED.

This sub-series consists of the correspondence of the Director of the Placement Office with various businesses and other administrative records. The arrangement is alphabetical according to the name of the company. Partly listed by file (c.18-c.22); partly by the first and last file title in each container (c.11-c.17); and partly unlisted (c.23-c.30).


Administrative Records, 1937-1964, 75 cm (c.1, c.35-c.38)

The records relate to the management of the residences Douglas Hall, Wilson Hall, McLennan Hall and United Theological College and includes financial records, correspondence and lists of residents.


Annual Reports, Placement Office, 1947-1963, 4 cm (Printed Collection)

Provides information on employment for students and graduates.