Student Organizations


Grouped here are the records of both long-standing and short-lived organizations run by McGill students for social, political or intellectual purposes. In some cases the material consists only of publications issued by a group and no administrative records. As many of these bodies had no fixed physical premises, the records have sometimes been scattered or preserved by private members, as in the case of the Lawn Tennis Club. Many of the organizations, receive funding and some degree of administrative control through the Students' Society or may be considered components of the Students' Society. However, their records form distinct series and are given separate entries here. The organizations are listed in alphabetical order by the first substantive word in their titles, omitting the heading of McGill University. Information about the various bodies may be found in contemporary issues of the student annual Old McGill and in the McGill Student Handbook. See also Private Manuscripts; Section II: McGill Students.


Invictus, vol 2, 1965 (c.62)

A broadside.


Proportions, 1961-1962 (Printed Collection)

This monthly, of which four issues are extant, contains articles by and for architectural students.


As the Arts Undergraduate Society, this body predates the Students' Society, of which it is now a component.

Administrative Records, 1895-1914, 4 cm, 2 vols (c.2)

These records include a minute book of the Finance Committee, 1895-1905, dealing with the collection of student dues and grants to Reading Room, Theatre Night and other activities; and minute books of various classes of Arts undergraduates, 1904-1914, relating to social activities, student elections, dinners, the Reading Room, and talks given to the Society.

Class Minute Books, 1893-1911, 3 vols, 5 cm (c.51)

Minute books for Fourth Year/Senior Year Arts, 1893-1911, and for Second Year Arts, 1906-1911.

Class Evaluations, 1966, 5 cm (c.62)

Student evaluation questionnaires of History 300: War and Society, 1966.

Publications, ca 1966-1981, 4 cm (Printed Collection)

Course evaluations giving descriptions and student opinions of many courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science.


Publications, 1973-1976 (Printed Collection)

Course evaluations.


Dawson College was an additional campus of McGill University at St-Jean, Québec, opened in 1945 to help accommodate the great influx of students from the armed forces. The students took courses mainly in Science and Engineering. The College closed in 1950.

Minute Book, 1947-1950, 1 vol, 2.5 cm (c.3)

The minutes of meetings are concerned with constitutional amendments, committee reports, social activities, the publication Dawson Weekly, and grants of funds to various student groups. Included is the constitution, lists of officers, and a few memoranda and letters.


The club was formed in 1908 by third and fourth year students in Electrical Engineering for the presentation of papers and addresses on electrical engineering subjects and for discussion of these and other related topics.

Minute Book, 1908-1933, 2 cm (c.51)

The minutes provide information on speakers and trips undertaken by the club and also included is a copy of the club's constitution.


Publications, 1909-1983 (Printed Collection)

Proceedings, Undergraduate Society, Applied Science, 1909-1912, 2 cm

Articles on engineering subjects by students.

Constitutions, 1954, 1964, 1 cm

The McGill Engineer, ca 1962-1972, gaps, 5 cm

This periodical contains articles on social activities and engineering topics. Published monthly in the 1960s, afterwards


The Plumber's Pot, ca 1969-1983, gaps, 1 cm

Periodical of social and engineering news and commentaries of satirical intent.


Forge, 1941-1966 (gaps, 7 cm (Printed Collection)

This literary magazine probably began to appear in the late 1930's. It was published irregularly.

FIGLEAF, 1954-1965

Figleaf, 1954-1965 (gaps), 5 cm (Printed Collection)

A student humour magazine which appeared irregularly.


The Register: The McGill History Journal, 1980-, 5 cm (Printed Collection)

A bi-annual publication which contains articles and reviews by students in the History Department.


The University Tennis Club was organized in 1881. Its members were male students. A Women's Tennis Club was formed in 1889 as a separate organization. The record below is from the men's club.

Administrative Records, 1894-1908, 2 cm (c. )

These records include the Treasurer's Book, 1894-1907 and a few minutes and receipts.


Minute Books, 1901-1909, 1916-1921, 2 vols, 5 cm (c.2)

The minutes report both general meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee, give election results and suggestions for debating topics.


Macdonald College Magazine, 1910-1932, 18 cm (See Microfilm Inventory and Printed Collection)

Published by the students of Macdonald College, the Magazine contained news of student activities and articles on various subjects, particularly agricultural ones.

Trifolium, 1909 (Printed Collection)

The first student annual of Macdonald College, the Trifolium contains photographs of graduating students, organizations and articles about the year's activities.

Clan Macdonald, 1940-1973, (gaps), 60 cm (Printed Collection)

The student annual of Macdonald College contains photographs of graduating students, organizations and articles of the year's activities.

The Dram, 1967-1972 (See Microform Inventory)

The Failt-Ye Times, 1951-1968 (See Microform Inventory)

Microfilm copies of a student publication.

McGILL DAILY, 1915-1983

The chief long-standing student newspaper at McGill, The McGill Daily, was founded in 1911. It had been preceded by the McGill (University) Gazette, the McGill Fortnightly, the McGill Outlook and the (McGill) Martlet.

Administrative Records, 1915-1927, 1961

Minute Books of McGill Daily Management Board, 1915-1917, 1 vol, 2 cm (c.2)

This contains only 8 pages of minutes and one enclosure dealing largely with minor business such as the purchase of McGill Daily pins and other supplies. However on p. 298 there appears the minutes of an October 1912 meeting of the Wrestling Club. Listed.

Minute Book of the McGill Daily News Board, 1915-1927, 2 vols, 4 cm (c.2)

The minutes deal with schedules, assignments of reporters, relations with printers, editorial policies and social events. Included are some minutes of general staff meetings (e.g. 13 Dec. 1923).

Guest Book, 1961, 1 vol, 1 cm (c.50)

This book records signatures of those present at the McGill Daily Golden Anniversary Banquet on 25 February 1961.

Publications, 1918-1983

The McGill Daily, ca 1918-1983 (gaps) (Printed Collection)

This periodical, issued 4 or 5 times a week during the academic year, contains campus and off-campus news, announcements of campus events, descriptions of sports and social events and articles on various subjects, especially political questions. Various special issues and supplements have been printed as well. From 1918 to ca 1974, copies are bound; for the later period they are not. There is no index.


McGill Fortnightly, 1892-1898 (with gaps), 24 cm (Printed Collection)

This bi-monthly published by students was the indirect successor to the University Gazette.

McGILL MARTLET, 1908-1911

McGill Martlet, 1908-1911, 30 cm (Printed Collection)

This student publication was the direct predecessor of the McGill Daily.

McGill OUTLOOK, 1898-1907

McGill Outlook, 1898-1907, 30 cm (Printed Collection)

This student publication was the successor of the Fortnightly and appeared weekly.


McGill University Gazette, 1875-1890 (gaps) 12 cm (Printed Collection)

This semi-monthly, published by students, begins with Volume 1, Second Series.



Originals, 1945-1969, 30 cm (Acc. 566, 607)

The records of the McGill Medical and Dental Wives Association include the following: reports, 1953-1960, scrapbooks of photographs, 1953-1960 and a cookbook entitled "McGill University Medical and Dental Wives Presents a Cookbook of Favorite Recipes" (n.d.). The records of the McGill Medical and Dental Wives Club include the constitution, correspondence, minutes and a newsletter, 1950-1968. For the McGill Medical and Dental Students' Wives Club there are minutes, 1967-1968 and roster, 1966-1967.


Student Banquets, 1904-1951

Student Dinners, 1904, 1924, 1928, 1929, 1936, 5 cm (c.52)

Invitations and menus for student dinners.


Annual Banquet, 1919-1937, 1951, cm (Acc.393)

Records and papers of the McGill Medical Undergraduate Society Annual Banquet including correspondence, financial records and a scrapbook of programmes.

Publications, 1942-1978

The Idiosyncrat, 1954-1958, 5 cm (c.52)

There are sundry copies of this student publication.

McGill Medical Journal, 1931, 1938, 1942-1972, vol 11-41, 24 cm (Printed Collection)

Articles on medicine by students and staff, edited by the Medical Society.

The Speculum, 1957-1967, 12 cm (Printed Collection)

This medical undergraduate yearbook contains photographs of staff, graduates, and various teaching and social activities.

Other Periodicals, 1976-1978, 6 cm (Printed Collection)

These include The Gastric Growl, (ca 1976), Medi-Hum (1976-1977), and The Lower Tract (1978) published weekly to monthly. They cover student activities and contain short articles on medical issues.


This society was formed in 1892 "to bring together Mining Students for the discussion of papers on mining and metallurgical subjects in order to create a more lively interest in this branch of Engineering." Membership was open to all students and graduates of the "Mining Branch" of the Faculty of Applied Science.

Minute Book, 1892-1917, 3 cm (c.51)

The minutes contain information on speakers and their topics. Also, there is a copy of the Society's constitution.

NORMAL SCHOOL, 1859-1880

Minute Books of Student Societies, 1859-1880, 6 cm (c.52)

The two minute books cover the development of three societies. The first volume contains the minutes of the Literary Association, 1859-1874, The other has minutes of the Mutual Improvement Society, 1873, together with minutes of the Literary and Debating Club, 1878-1880. Recorded are summaries of talks, resolutions, and topics debated. Listed.


Syllabus of Lectures, 1909-1910, 4 p (c.50).

Programme of the Society's activity, 1909-1910.

PLAYERS' CLUB, 1973-1974

Productions, 1973-1974 (Printed Collection)

This consists of a production notebook to St. Joan of the Stockyards and posters for The Cocktail Party and The Lion in Winter.


The present Association was inaugurated in October 1978, although an Association of Polish Students had existed some years previously.

Administrative Records, 1965-1969, 20 cm (c.40)

The records include a constitution, correspondence, bulletins, programmes, and news clippings about the Association's activity.


Minute Books, 1913-1942, 4 cm (c.50)

These books record the names of officers, business, and the titles but not the contents of papers read. The constitution adopted in October 1919 is in Vol. 1, p.187.

Other Records, 1913-1942, 15 cm (c.50, c.53)

Constitution in typescript for 1913-1914, and a few letters and programmes.

Photographs, 1920-1938 (See Photography Inventory)

Group photographs of members and Faculty advisor Stephen Leacock at various occasions from 1920-1938.


Programme, 1973, 2 pp (c.62)

A draft programme of the Popular Student Front for the Students' Society election in 1973.


Gauthier Commission, 1970, 1971, 2 cm (c.50)

Response of the Post-Graduate Students' Society to the Gauthier Commission questionnaire, with related memoranda.

Publications, 1968-1975, 10 cm (Printed Collection)

Handbook for postgraduate students (ca 1969-1975) and several issues of the newsletter The McGill Martlet, as well as published minutes, reports and posters.

RED AND WHITE REVUE, 1924-ca 1980

This student group has staged variety shows since ca 1924. The 1957 production "My Fur Lady" went on national tour after its success at McGill.

Production Records, 1968-1973, 10 cm (c.53)

These include programmes, scripts and posters. Listed.

Scrapbooks, 1957, 1982, 10 cm

These are scrapbooks and other memorabilia of My Fur Lady, assembled by Lorne Gales of the Graduates' Society. Included is material arising from the My Fur Lady reunion in 1982.

Programmes, 1924-ca 1980, 10 cm (Printed Collection)


This organization was formed to foster the interests of students who had served in the armed forces during the First World War.

Minute Book, 1919-1920, 1 cm (c.2)

The minutes record resolutions on various matters of concern to veteran students, especially financial aid, and summarize several addresses made to the Association.


R.V.C., 1951-1975 (gaps), 10 cm (Printed Collection)

A student annual, the R.V.C. contains photographs and addresses of students as well as informal photographs of college life.


The Scarlet Key Society is an honorary society of members chosen from various faculties and University societies. A major function of the Society is to welcome and assist visitors to the University.

Minute Books, 1926-1940,2 vols, 3 cm (c.2-c.3)

The minutes deal with activities at functions such as class reunions, dances, and sports events, as well as membership elections, amendments to the constitution and proposed policies. Included is a copy of the constitution. Included in the volume for 1934-1940 are programmes of annual dinners and a small amount of correspondence.


Minute Books, 1879-1893, 2 vols, 4 cm (c.50)

Besides minutes of meetings of the Committee of Management of the Students' Reading Room, there is a copy of the constitution, printed rules and regulations and lists of Secretaries. The first volume contains a few letters.


The chief centre of student government and activity, the Students' Society of McGill University was founded in 1908, replacing the Alma Mater Society, its 19th century predecessor. While its activities and authority have varied over the years, The Society has now grown into a body representing the students in every aspect of the administration of the University. Information on the Students' Society is given in the Student Handbooks.

Administrative Records, 1908-1970

Minute Books of the Students' Society, 1909-1910, 1917-1935, 2 vols, 6 cm (c.1)

Generally brief minutes deal with student government, resolutions on various subjects such as status of C.O.T.C in 1919, amendments to Student Society's constitution, and the administration of the McGill Daily. Listed.

Minute Books of the Students' Council, 1908-1910, 1916-1954, 1967-1975, m 2 m (c.1, c.54-c.59)

These are detailed minutes of the Student Society's executive body, and relate to constitutional amendments, reports of various committees, university societies, administration of the McGill Union's building and services, the McGill Daily, and student social regulations. Partially listed.

General Administrative Records of the Students' Society, ca 1945-1970, 10.5 m (c.8-c.39, c.60-c.61)

These records include financial statements, cheques, receipts, bills, correspondence with internal and external groups, reports, social events, upkeep of the Union building and various subject files. The arrangement is roughly chronological. Listed.

Administrative Records of the McGill Union, 1907-1962

A Student's Union Building was opened in 1907, the gift of Sir William Macdonald. A new Student's Union Building was erected in 1965. These records relate mainly to the administration and use of the Union Building.

Minute Books of the Advisory Board of the Union, 1906-1919, 3 vols, 4 cm (c.2)

Some minutes of the Advisory Board are also found in the combined minute book of the Finance, Housing and Reading Room Committees.

Minute Book of the House Committee, 1916-1939, 1 vol, 3 cm (c.2)

Minute Book of the Finance, Advisory, Housing and Reading Room Committees, 1906-1916, 1 vol, 3 cm (c.2)

This combines the minutes of several committees in one volume.

Accounting Records, ca 1930-1962, 1 m (c.3-c.7)

These include copies of cheques, receipts, and various account journals and ledgers.


Old McGill, 1898-1981, 4 m (Reading Room and Printed Collection)

The Old McGill is the official publication of the graduating class and provides photographs of graduating classes and individuals, often with biographical details. There are also photographs of sports team and societies with accompanying articles, as well as class histories and coverage of campus social events.

McGill Student Handbook, 1890, 1909-1911, 1913, 1923-1982, 30 cm (Printed Collection)

The student handbook was issued by the McGill YMCA and the Student Christian Movement until 1924 and the Students' Society from 1925. The handbook contains messages from the Principal and others, information about residences, lodging, fraternities, rules, university societies (officers' names given), sports and social activity. Included are notices of churches and commercial advertisements.

McGill University Song Books, 1879-ca 1940, 12 cm (Printed Collection)

These contain songs specifically written for McGill as well as songs written generally for students.


History, ca 1945 (c.50)

A short history and statement of the purposes of the Society.