Faculty Club


The Faculty Club was formed in 1923 with the assistance of the Board of Governors. Its first premises were on University Street and many of the academic staff became members. In 1935 the club moved to its present location in the Baumgarten house on McTavish street, former home of Sir Arthur Currie. At this time, membership was expanded to include women. Until the 1960s, a few male staff members boarded in the club. In the 1970's, many non-academic staff were made eligible for membership. The facilities now offered by the club include three dining rooms, two bar lounges, a reading room, a billiard room, drawing rooms and dining rooms with catering services for private luncheons and special events such as lectures and receptions. A short history was published in 1975: Carman Miller, ed., A History of the Faculty Club (McGill-Queen's University Press). Correspondence, memoranda and drafts relating to this history are found in the Carman Miller Papers, M.G. 3072.


The Council is the governing body of the Club. While there is occasionally some overlap in functions between the Council and the House Committee (e.g., both discuss food services), the Council handles major financial and administrative decisions.

Minutes of the Faculty Club Council, 1923-1967, 15 cm (c.1-c.2)

The minutes deal with finances, major club regulations and policies, pensions for club staff and similar matters. There are also statistics on memberships. Interfiled are minutes of the Annual General Meeting, composed of Council and members. Arranged chronologically and interfiled with House Committee minutes from 1942 onwards.

COMMITTEES, 1940-1959

Minutes of the House Committee 1940-1959, 15 cm (c.1-c.2)

The House Committee is a standing committee responsible for the physical structure of the Club building. At times, it has been involved in the day to day running of the Club. Included and interfiled are statements of income and expenditures, treasurer's and membership reports, election announcements, and a small amount of correspondence. The minutes record decisions about house rules, furnishings, and club staff members. Arranged chronologically and interfiled with Council minutes from 1942 onwards.


Regulations, ca 1935-1960, 2 cm (c.1)

Small book of regulations, probably drawn up by or for the club's manager in the mid-1940s with policies on staff, telephones and food services. It also contains a draft for rules, ca 1935 and proposed constitution, 1960.

Members' Ledger Cards, ca 1938-ca 1950, 25 cm (c.2)

These give members names and amounts owed. Not in alphabetical or

chronological order.

Rental Records, 1944-1959, 1 vol, 2 cm (c.1)

One rent book giving member's name along with the room or garage rent owed monthly.

Membership Records, 1923-1924, 25 m (c.1)

These are xerox copies of applications for life memberships.

Visitors' Register 1936-1938, 1 cm (c.1)

Gives date, name of member, name of visitor and address of visitor.


Constitutions and Club Rules, ca 1924-1982, 1 cm (c.1)

The Club has had several constitutions and changes in club and membership rules, the most recent being in 1982.

News from the Faculty Club, 19--? -1983

The Club publishes a periodical, generally monthly, announcing special events, new policies and services available. Not listed. Incomplete.