Teaching and Research Programmes Institutes


This Record Group has been established to bring together the records of various special institutes, projects, programmes for which the University has responsibility.


The Montreal Botanic Garden Association was formed in 1885 with D.P. Penhallow of McGill as director and Henry S. Evans as secretary. However, the inability to procure a suitable site caused the Association to cease work at the end of its second year. In 1890 McGill leased nine acres on C^ote des Neiges just south of The Boulevard and with Penhallow's help organized a Botanical Garden for use of students and the general public.

The Gardens appear to have ceased to exist about 1901.

Register of Exchanges and Donations, 1886, 1890-1894, 1 vol, 3 cm


The register includes both the Montreal Botanic Garden and the McGill Botanic Garden. There is a partial index.

Reports, 1885-1886, 2 vols, 5 mm (c.50)

These include the First Annual Report of the Montreal Botanic Garden, 1885, and a reprint of articles by Penhallow "On the Establishment of a Botanic Garden and Arboretum in Montreal", 1885.


This institute was established in 1961 as a result of a bequest of Major James Henry Brace, a Montreal consulting engineer. The purpose of the bequest is to fund research for the development of

technologies suitable for desert or arid regions. The Institute has been especially concerned with the utilization of solar and wind energy and the processes of desalinization.

Reports and Publications, 1961-1980, 50 cm (Printed Collection)

This series includes an incomplete run of annual reports: 1961-1970, 1976-1979; and technical reports and practical manuals published by the Institute.


The Institute of Islamic Studies was created in 1952, with the help of a Rockefeller grant. Concerned with the study of all aspects of Islamic civilization, the programme concentrates on the origins of the Islamic tradition, the changes through which it has passed and the evolution it is currently experiencing.


1950-1962 W.C. Smith

1962-1982 Charles J. Adams

1982- Donald P. Little

Director's Records, 1947-1973, 7 m (c.61-c.67, c.69-c.80)

The records of Directors Wilfred Cantwell Smith and Charles J. Adams contain correspondence concerning the Institute, the University, national and international matters.

Financial Records, 1951-1968, 30 cm (c.68)

Statements and correspondence concerning accounts.

Examinations, 1966, 2 cm (c.69)

Examination question papers.


The Centre, established in 1963, is interdepartmental in scope, emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of the science of Oceanography. Opportunities for field work exist in the Arctic, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Canadian eastern seaboard, and at the Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados. Special research interests include the physics of sea ice, the energy exchange between atmosphere and hydrosphere, marine climatology, the dynamics of sea water, marine bacteria, growth and life cycles of marine organisms, marine productivity, marine biogeography and sedimentation.

Gulf of St. Lawrence Project Records, 1968-1971, 5 m (c.84-c.94)

Research data from the International Biological Programme, Gulf of St. Lawrence Project.


Mont St-Hilaire was left to McGill University in 1959 by Brigadier A. Hamilton Gault, D.S.O., (1882-1958) as a memorial to his father A.F. Gault, sometime governor of McGill. The estate of over 900 hectares contains seven peaks, virgin forests and a primeval alpine lake. It has been developed as a scientific research centre with controlled recreational use. Bernard D. Huot has written "The History of Mont St-Hilaire as a part of the Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning (McGill University)", (Typed, 1976).

General Administrative Records, 1959-1970 (c.1)

Correspondence, minutes, development proposals gathered by the chairman of the Board of Management, Gault Estate, F.S. Howes.


The Centre has as its mandate the initiation, encouragement and coordination of northern research, education and training. It is strongly committed to the development of interdisciplinary teaching and research. The Centre facilitates the exchange of information among those engaged in northern studies and research, maintains records of all related activities in the University, provides information on the University's capacity to undertake northern research, and prepares and assists others in the preparation of research proposals and the assembling of teams. It is particularly active in programmes for the training of northern natives.

Records of the Director, 1960-1977, 2.5 m (c.51-c.59)

These files of the Director, Fritz Muller include general administrative correspondence and correspondence about research projects; research reports, records and data; off-prints and research papers; and some student papers and correspondence.

Library Records (See Microfilm Inventory)

Microfilms of the Centre's printed holdings as of 1976.


This Institute, established in 1964, was concerned with engineering and scientific research in the upper atmosphere and space. It maintained experimental facilities at Highwater, Quebec and a launching site in Barbados. It was responsible for the High Altitude Research Project (HARP). The Institute was disbanded in 1967 and transformed into a private company.

H.A.R.P. Reports, 1962-1964, 5 cm (Printed Collection)

These records include a Description and Status Report (1962) along with launching and firing programme reports.


This laboratory at Schefferville, Quebec in the centre of the Labrador-Ungava Peninsula was opened on 1 October 1954 under the first director, F.K. Hare. It provides facilities for research in

most aspects of the environment and especially the climate.


1954-1959 F.K. Hare

1957-1959 J.D. Ives

1960-1963 W.G. Mattox

1963-1965 P.W. Adams

1966 B.F. Findlay

1967-1970 B. Thom

1971-1978 F.H. Nicholson

1978-1980 J. Drake

1980- T. Moore

General Administrative Records, 1954-1979, 16 m (c.6-c.49)

This series includes the directors' correspondence, personnel and student files, financial records, research data and reports, M.S.A.R.P. files, company files and library records. Listed.