Affiliated Colleges and Schools


Various educational institutions have been affiliated to McGill University. The High School of Montreal, founded in 1843, became the High School Department of McGill College from 1852 until 1869 when it was turned over to the Protestant School Board. (See M.G. 1060 and R.G. 6: Office of the Comptroller; Banking Records, c.347).

Several Anglophone Quebec colleges were affiliated with the University: St-Francis College at Richmond from 1858 to 1900; Morrin College at Quebec City from 1864 to 1900; and Stanstead College at Stanstead from 1889 to 1907.

Four Montreal theological colleges became affiliated to McGill: the Congregational in 1865, the Presbyterian in 1867, the Methodist in 1879, and the Anglican in 1880. In 1925 the Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian Colleges joined to form the United Theological College while non-Union Presbyterians maintained their own College. In 1948 the United Theological College and the Anglican Diocesan College, the Joint Board of the Theological Colleges and McGill University came to an agreement whereby the Faculty of Divinity, now Religious Studies, was established (See R.G. 34). Later, the Presbyterian College joined the Faculty of Divinity. While they are connected to the Faculty of Divinity, the theological colleges maintain separate corporate identities. Some records of the United Theological College, ca 1925-1971 are among the United Church Collection at McGill Archives (M.G. 2056).

Beyond the province of Quebec, Vancouver College and Victoria College in British Columbia and Alberta College in Edmonton, Alberta were affiliated to McGill in the early 1900s until they expanded into major institutions. In addition, various schools throughout Canada were affiliated to the extent that they prepared students for McGill University standard entrance examinations. Correspondence relating to affiliations will be found in R.G. 2: Principal, R.G. 4: R.I.A.L. and Board of Governors, R.G. 7: Registrar and R.G. 32: Arts and Science. The Registers of Entrance and of Matriculation Examinations in R.G. 7 and R.G. 32 include students from the various affiliated schools and colleges.


Morrin College was established in Quebec City in 1864. For information on its development, consult an article on Morrin College in the McGill News (Sept. 1930), pp.12-14 and Laura Bancroft, "Morrin College: an historical and sociological study" B.A. Thesis (Laval 1950).

Administrative Records, 1879-1918 (See Microfilm Inventory)

These records consist of a minute book of 1879-1968, and various financial statements, 1896-1934.

Legal Records, 1862-1863 (See Microfilm Inventory)

Quebec Deed of Trust and Act of Incorporation, 1862-1863.

Historical, 1963, (Morin College Information File)

Photocopies of notes on the affiliation of Morrin College and McGill University made by Dean Hare, Faculty of Arts and Science.