Royal Victoria Hospital


The Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, was opened in 1893. It is affiliated to McGill University as a teaching hospital and the two institutions share many staff members. The Royal Victoria Hospital inherited the functions and various records of the University Lying-In Hospital, which opened in 1843, became known as the Montreal Maternity Hospital in 1887 and became part of R.V.H. in 1926. A history of the Hospital is provided by Sclater Lewis: Royal Victoria Hospital 1887-1947 (Montreal, 1969) and some historical notes are to be found in the D. Sclater Lewis Papers, M.G. 2030. Access to personal data is restricted.


Administrative Records, 1887-1971

Accounting Records, 1889-1926, 6 cm (c.243)

These consist of an account book, arranged chronologically, recording a variety of financial transactions from excavating and furnishing costs in the early years of the Hospital to endowment income and purchase of bonds in the 1920's.

Staff Records, 1893-1969, 5 cm (c.182, c.244-c.245, c.379-c.380, c.402) PARTS RESTRICTED

Two registers give the signature, address, date of appointment, and service assigned of staff physicians, 1926-1969, while a detailed questionnaire of taken in 1965 provides a survey of war service by R.V.H. staff. There is also a register of nurses ca 1893-1898 (c.402).

Committee Records, 1964-1971, 8 cm (c.343, c.346-c.350)

Correspondence and memoranda of two committees concerned with record-keeping: the Archives Committee, 1964, 1967, and the Medical Records Committee, 1969-1971.

Physical Plant of R.V.H., 1887-1963, 10 cm (c.372-c.373, c.381)

There are various original plans of the Hospital by the firm of H. Saxon Snell, ca 1887-1890, as well as correspondence and a photograph album documenting the installation of a cobalt beam unit in 1955.

Medical Records, 1894-1963

Medical Registers, 1894-1963, 3 m (c.246-c.286, c.288-c.291, c.413) RESTRICTED

These series of registers give varying degrees of information about patients: name, date and disease are always recorded, while the more detailed series, such as the general Register of Patients, 1895-1920, gives age, sex, marital status, number of children, birthplace, occupation, religion, whether paying or free, name of doctor, address of friends, and whether cured. In addition to the Register of Patients, there are series of Medical, Surgical, Operations, Gynaecological and Urological registers.

Case Books, 1895-1940, 17 m (c.1-c.86, c.93-c.94, c.98-c.173, c.287, c.292-c.341, c.351-c.371, c.377, c.415-c.416) RESTRICTED

These records documenting the medical treatment of individual patients are in the form of bound volumes, usually devoting 2 or 4 pages to each case. The patient's name, case number, address, and doctor are usually given. There is often a medical history, with a detailed diagnosis and record of treatment prescribed. Most case books contain between 50 and 100 cases; the arrangement is nearly always by case number, which is also chronological. Among others, there are case books devoted to specific diseases, 1895-1938 and a series of surgical case books, 1894-1895 and two large nearly complete series: Gynaecological case books, 1902-1914 (c.1-c.86, c.98-c.112) and Obstetric case books 1936-1940 (c.113-c.173). There is also a series of Operation Records, 1901-1913 (c.351-c.358).


Medical Records, 1929-1943, 1950-1960, (Acc. 436,563)

These include case records, principally of pulmonary tuberculosis, with extensive holograph notes by Norman Bethune, 1930-1931; records of respiratory function tests administered to Bethune and others, 1930-1931; and Obstetrical and Gynaecological Reports, 1950-1960.

Publications, 1894-1963

Publications by R.V.H. Administration, 1894-1963, 1 m (c.175-c.181, c.183-c.242, c.344-c.345, c.385)

A complete run of Annual Reports for the years 1894-1963 provide a record of serving Governors, attending staff, superintendant's report, financial statements, donations, and reports containing statistical data from the various medical departments. Also included are printed copies of the charter and by-laws and newsletters and publications about special events. There is also a Phamacopoeia (c.385).

Publications by R.V.H. Staff Members, ca 1920-1960, 80 cm (Printed Collection)

These include bibliographies of writings by staff and articles and off-prints, arranged alphabetically by author. Articles about staff members and obituaries are filed according to the subjects name.

Photographs, 1892-1968

Staff Members and Buildings, 1892-1968, 30 cm (See Photography Inventory)

Various photographs and albums of individuals and staff groups, such as residents, ca 1900-1968, as well as photographs of the exterior and interior of the Hospital. There is a personal album of Dr. Walter Chipman and another probably compiled by a nurse, ca 1908.

Historical Materials, 1893-1964

Scrapbooks, Articles, Newspaper Clippings, 1893-1964, 7 cm (c.174, c.374-c.378, c.382-c.384)

These include a scrapbook on the opening of the R.V.H., 1893 (c.382), and a letter about the formation of the "Whisker Club", 1895 (c.378).


Publications, 1905-1926, 2 cm (c.408-c.412)

Graduation address, 1905; Programme, 1912, and Student annuals, 1925-1926.

Photographs, ca 1912, 4 cm (See Photography Inventory)

There are two albums of staff members, including various informal



Register, 1934-1941, 5 cm (c.414) RESTRICTED

This register is apparently the Institute's first, and gives the names of the first 6863 patients, dates admitted and discharged, doctor's name, whether cured, and a brief diagnosis.


Historical Materials, 1933-1934, 1974-1978, (Acc. 188, 495, 547, 614)

Memorabilia, programmes and newspaper clippings relating to the Neurological Institute.


The University Lying-In Hospital was opened in 1843 with the Professor of Midwifery, Dr. Michael McCulloch as its director and other members of the McGill Medical Faculty as its consulting physicians. The Hospital was incorporated in 1854; in 1884 its name was changed to the University Maternity Hospital and in 1887 its name was changed again to the Montreal Maternity. In 1923, a merger was arranged with the Royal Victoria Hospital, and in 1926, Montreal Maternity moved into a new building, now the Women's Pavillion of the R.V.H.

Administrative Records, 1844-1943

M.M.H. Correspondence, 1923, 1 cm (c.388)

Three letters on the amalgamation of M.M.H. with R.V.H.

M.M.H. Matron/Superintendant's Reports, 1889-1926, 7 cm (c.403-c.404, c.407)

These volumes provide brief monthly reports of notable events, changes in staff, comments on nurses and records various housekeeping matters, such as repairs needed.

M.M.H. Nurses' Records, 1896-1923, 7 cm (c.397-c.398, c.405-c.406)

Names and comments about nurses trained and employed at M.M.H., 1896-1910, and a record book of attendance and examination results, 1918-1923.

M.M.H. Visitors' Books, 1901-1929, 2 cm (c.399-c.400)

Signatures and addresses of persons visiting the M.M.H. The earliest entries are accompanied by comments.


Administrative Records, 1844-1943, 30 cm (Acc. 563)

This include the Hospital Minute Book 1844-1926; a letter book, 1886-1896; Annual Reports, 1887-1926; Medical Board Minutes, 1905-1918; Medical Reports, 1906-1925; Record of Pupil Nurses from R.V.H., 1910-1923; Annual Reports of the Auxiliary Board, Women's Pavilion, 1929-1943; and a copy of "Royal Victoria Montreal Maternity Hospital," by C.V. Barrett and J.R. Fraser, Montreal, 1943.

Medical Records, 1851-1916

Registers of Patients, 1851-1916, 12 cm (c.96-c.97) RESTRICTED

These registers of the University Lying-In/M.M.H. provide an unbroken chronological record of mothers and babies under many headings, giving patient number, name, date admitted, nationality, age, religion, whether married or single, and medical information.

Obstetrics Cases, 1901-1904, 30 cm (c.87-c.92)


Midwifery Casebook, 1888, cm, (Acc. 653) RESTRICTED

This casebook of Mrs. J.A. Park covers the period 1 March to 30 May 1888.

Printed Materials, 1859-1952

Annual Reports and By-Laws, 1859-1925 (gaps), 12 cm (c.386, c.391)

Annual Reports of University Lying-In Hospital and the M.M.H. containing statements of the Hospital's purposes, lists of Governors and Committees, outstanding donations, and financial and medical statistics.

Newsclippings, 1900-1952, 3 cm (c.396)

There are 2 albums of mounted newsclippings, mainly describing Charity Balls held to benefit the M.M.H.


M.M.H. Album, ca 1920, 2 cm (See Photography Inventory)

This shows exteriors of the M.M.H. as well as wards.


Administrative Records, 1926-1945

Records of Auxiliary Board of Governors, 1926-1938, 5 cm (c.389-c.390, c.392-c.395)

These include an incomplete set of minutes of meetings, annual, monthly, and other reports, and correspondence relating to membership of the Board.

R.V.-M.M.H. Visitors' Books, 1926-1929, 3 cm (c.401)

These books record the names of visitors, without comments.

R.V.-M.M.H. By-laws, n.d., 1 cm (c.387)