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Young women’s activities, including baseball, were popular in Montreal just after WWII.
A men’s baseball team in Vernon, British Columbia.
The Montreal Nisei were founded by Kiyoshi Suga, who had been associated with Vancouver’s Asahi baseball team. The Nisei first won the City League championship in 1949. The Montreal Nisei Stars were the Eastern Canada Champions in 1952.
Baseball was a popular sport for Japanese Canadians in British Columbia, prior to internment. Two Japanese Canadian baseball leagues in Vancouver were the Diamond League: Asahi, Mikado, Fuso, Yamoto; and the Junior League: Grandview, Kitsilano, Comet, and the Asahi Cubs (1932). The Vancouver Asahi Baseball team was later inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame on June 28, 2003.
Photo of Mrs. H. Kobayakawa in a Seniors’ exercise class.
Seniors’ exercise class at the JCCCM (The Gazette, Montreal).
Japanese Canadian Centennial Society 1877-1977 karate match.
Karate match at a Japanese Canadian Redress Fundraising Dinner, March 5, 1988.
Japanese Canadian Centennial Society 1877-1977 aikido match.
Japanese Canadian family riding a log sledge in the winter.
Outdoor winter activities.