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Retention Schedule, Physical Resources
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6. Physical Resources
Rule No. Records Series
6.001 Capital Alterations and Repairs - Budget Estimates
6.002 Capital Alterations and Repairs - Accounts, Agreements and Contracts
6.003 Authorization Codes and Keys
6.004 Building Files - Repairs, Alterations, Improvements and Estimates
6.005 Equipment Booking Forms and Cards
6.006 Building Files - Construction
6.007 Temperature Reports
6.008 Oil Services Records
6.009 Stock Inventory Records
6.010 Capital Budget: Equipment and Alterations
6.011 Occurrence Reports (Security)
6.012 Daily Security Reports
6.013 Parking Tickets
6.014 Work Order Cards
6.015 Equipment - Maintenance, Alterations and Repairs
6.016 Events and Activities Files
6.017 Space Allocation
6.018 Room Charts and Schedules
6.019 Room Bookings Files
6.020 Key Application Records
6.021 Supply and Equipment Inventories
6.022 Plans, Maps and Specifications - Buildings and Grounds
6.023 Trouble Reports
6.024 Capital Alterations: Planning Files
6.025 Building Files: Macdonald College and Gault Estate
6.026 Capital Equipment Statements
6.027 Plans and Specifications - Equipment
6.028 Classrooms - Listings
6.029 Building Safety
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