Major project supporters
Thanks to the generosity of McGill alumni and longstanding friends John and Pattie Cleghorn and the support of Professor Heather Munroe-Blum, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, the McGill University Archives were able to undertake the digitization of the McGill University War Records through the McGill Remembers Project.

McGill University Archives
The McGill Remembers digitization and website were realized under the direction of Theresa Rowat, former Director and University Archivist.

Project leads:
Jean-Marc Tremblay, Project Archivist – project management, digital asset management, web development
François Dansereau, Project Archivist – content development, digitization

Senior project advisors:
Gordon Burr – historical scholarship, outreach
Lori Podolsky – protection of personal information

Additional project participants:
Rhiannon Herbert, Project Archivist (Young Canada Works Internship)
Stevie Horn, Krista Jamieson and Halley Silversides (McGill Work Study program)

McGill Remembers Roundtable, established in 2005
Gordon Burr, McGill University Archives
Wes Cross, Student Services
Dr. Stanley B. Frost, History of McGill Project
David McKnight, McGill Libraries
Professor Peter F. McNally, History of McGill Project
Professor Carman Miller, Department of History and Classical Studies
Dr. Christopher Milligan, Faculty of Education
Professor Desmond Morton, Faculty of Arts
Thomas B. Thompson, Development and Alumni Relations

Current and former McGill University Archives staff who contributed to the realization of the Virtual Exhibit (2005) and the Roundtable initiatives
Simeon Ivanov, Sarah Jensen, David Kemper and Johanne Pelletier

Other supporters and contributors
Dr. Ian C. Pilarczyk and Donald F. Greer