War Records

Principal F. Cyril James established the McGill University War Records office in recognition of McGill men and women in wartime service. In operation between 1942 and 1946 under R.C. Fetherstonhaugh, the office compiled information on the involvement of faculty, students, alumni, and staff engaged in the war effort. Throughout the Second World War, Fetherstonhaugh collected newspaper clippings, correspondence, and photographs, and prepared meticulous index cards to document each individualís contribution.

The McGill University War Records are comprised of 6,617 index cards and more than 3,000 files containing newspaper clippings, correspondence and over 700 photographs. They document the involvement of McGill faculty, students, alumni, and staff in the war effort. In conjunction with the Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor, and the Graduatesí Society, the War Records office solicited information from individuals and families to create these files.

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