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Records Management
Retention Schedule, Human Resources
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4. Human Resources
Rule No. Records Series
4.001 Personnel Files
4.002 Pension Case Files
4.003 Absence Reports and Statistical Summaries
4.004 Selection Records - Chancellor and Principal
4.005 Insurance Enrollment Cards
4.006 Staff Bursaries and Tuition Assistance
4.007 Litigations Files (Potential Grievances)
4.008 Charter of Human Rights Litigations - Case Files
4.009 Charter of Human Rights Litigations - Decisions Rendered
4.010 Labour Standards Commission Litigations - Case Files
4.011 Grievance Files
4.012 Sabbatical Leaves
4.013 Union Certification Files
4.014 Arbitration Awards Files
4.015 Collective Agreements, Negotiations and Policies
4.016 Accident Files
4.017 Position Descriptions (principal record)
4.018 Position Descriptions (secondary record)
4.019 Other Employment Applications: Unsuccessful
4.020 Job Requisition Forms
4.021 Payroll / Personnel Master File
4.022 Tenure Files (Academic)
4.023 Grievance and Appeal Files (Academic)
4.024 Pension Case Files - Special Cases
4.025 Vacation Schedules
4.026 Retirement, Disability and Maternity Leave Case Files: Academic Staff
4.027 Unsuccessful Employment Applications for Administrative and Support Staff: Qualified Internal / External Applicants
4.028 Training Files
4.029 Monthly Staff Listings
4.030 Subpoenas and Wage Garnishees
4.031 Job Relocation Files
4.032 Staff Development Files
4.033 Benefit Plan Files
4.034 Promotion to Full Professor Files
4.035 Sexual Harassment: Principal's Files
4.036 Sexual Harassment: Assessor's Files
4.037 Unsuccessful Employment Applications for Academic Staff: Qualified and Interviewed Applicants
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